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Prisiminimai ir įgūdžiai iš stovyklos Draugai visam gyvenimui

2014-10-09 13:08:59

…pasibaigus VI-ąjai pamainai, tik grįžę namo, elektroninio pašto dėžutėje radome laišką nuo Sarah - mūsų vadovės-savanorės iš Prancūzijos su prierašu: „I was already kind of feeling nostalgic and was looking for a way to "sum up" my summer so I did this.”

Ir štai dalinamės jos laišku…

Lifelong memories and skills: the summer at Stovykla Draugai


You want to spend the summer differently?

Stovykla Draugai is the solution for both, kids and adults. In general, the leaders are about twenty years old and they volunteer to take care and look after the children. They all have different skills, which enable the camp to propose to children different activities. The parents can be sure their kids will be safe and productive as the schedule is meticulously done. During this time, parents won’t have to wonder what their angels are up to!

Stovykla Draugai sounds like back to basics.

One session lasts 10 days. This means that for 10 days children will be away from TV, computers and ringing phones… Games, conversation and fresh air: what could be more enjoyable? Indeed, the camp has its own philosophy, which is integrated into its programs. A healthy mind in a healthy body may be the moto of the organization. The vacation time is filled with sport, art, dance, foreign languages classes, events… Children participate and create and this makes the place very special.

The camp experience 

Once a child arrives at the camp, he stands a chance of having a good time. Of course, he will enjoy himself thanks to the different activities, the playdates with other children and leaders but he will above all, learn autonomy. Indeed, children follow the camp’s rules and discover new people and new things. This is very moving to see how they finally respect and even protect each other. Yet, the leaders are not to be outdone. Working at the camp is a good way to learn both, about children and yourself. Leaders don’t want to disappoint either children or parents’ trust, so they do their best to make children smile and have fun. Friendly atmosphere and common values…

Stovykla Draugai  is good for parents, children and leaders… Obviously, all good things come in three!

Sarah El Badri

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